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Write Every Day: Do you get on with your siblings?


I’m here! Feeling like I’m hobbling and stumbling, crawling on all floors – but I’m here just about. I’ve spent all day working on my novel, so I don’t feel so bad about not blogging/journalling. It is something I want to get back to, like I’ve talked about previously, but if I’m doing other kinds of writing it’s not so bad.

Or is that just an excuse? Because creative writing is different to writing about your feelings. Is it a ploy because thinking about things properly makes them more painful? Perhaps that’s why I stopped.

Anyway. Do you get on with your siblings? Haha. I covered that one, accidentally, the other day! Remember here? Well, I really think there’s not much more I can say. I love my brother to bits, and… well, it’s all there. Convenient because I really want to sleep!

Writing tomorrow. Both sorts.

Don’t read on if you’re affected by politics or swearing.

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Write Every Day: Define Family


And here I am again! Keeping going, despite intense feelings of apathy and self hatred. Sometimes I get confused between the two. Does anyone else get that, or is it just me?

Family? Who you want them to be. Obviously you can’t change your biological family, but you can choose who you call family. And it changes throughout your life I guess. When you’re young, your family is your nuclear family and really important; some people are closer to their extended family, or that could happen later in life. Maybe you get married and then have kids, and they are now your main family. You can have lots of families. Adoptive families. Friends that are so close they’re family. People who are family by blood that you’ve never met? Call them family if you like. It’s a choice. Everyone says ‘you can’t choose your family.’ You can’t technically change your family; you can change your attitude.

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BG’s Book Party! Day 5


Getting the idea yet? We’re here to celebrate BG’s book launch! Writing a book isn’t as easy as some people said. Lots of people think: ‘oh, I could do that. That’s an easy job.’ Well, let me tell you. It isn’t.

Question for day 6: Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

Well, this is something I’ve really been saving. I was in the house on my own, I guess I was about twelve or thirteen? But it was Winter, so it was already dark. I was sitting in my room, reading. (typical). And then this thing came up against the window. Its spindly bone-like fingers touched my window panes, and veins of black spread out across the glass from them. I though they were going to shatter, but it just waited and then went straight through.

Into my room.

I was rooted to my chair. What the hell was I supposed to do? I didn’t even believe in this kind of thing, how was I gonna know how to exorcise it or something? I got a glimpse of his face as he grew nearer, and his eyes were scarlet, blinding in the dim light.

And he had no pupils.

I sat there, and closed my eyes. I don’t believe in the supernatural, I don’t believe in the supernatural. There’s nothing there. It’s all in my head. But when I opened them he was right there in front of my face. His hands gripped my arms, and I saw the same spidery black veins from the window spreading up me.

And then…


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Write Every Day: My Role in the Family



I’m only on day five of doing this, and I’m uninspired and bored. It’s a chore already. What’s wrong with me? I used to have pages and pages of stuff in diaries that I’d written. I wrote three – four – ten? – times a day. And it came naturally. Stuff just flowed. Now, though I’ve written a novel and it’s going off for the next stage in publishing on November 28th (eek!), I feel less able to write.

I think maybe I can’t write so much about myself. Because I’ve said it all before. I haven’t changed, really, since my ED became particularly severe. I’m stuck in time at age seventeen. And I did write every day for the first few years or so of being in hospital, but the entire thing was just focused on calories and millilitres of fluid and staff bending the rules for other people or being punished and blah blah blah. It was the same shit, different day, and I never even realised. Then, I just sort of gradually stopped writing. I was horrified – writing a diary was a big part of how I defined myself as a person. How could it just go? But it did.

And I dunno if I can make it come back.

Sometimes, I suppose we have to accept things about the past, about ourselves, and move on. Because things can’t stay static. The only thing constant is change.

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BG’s Book Party! Day 4


Aaaaaand it’s day four of the celebrations! Have you checked out what BG’s book is about yet? Go and have a look here.

Question for today is: do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

Now, I’d love to say that I did, just because it makes a much more interesting thing to say, but I’d be lying 😦 I’ve never felt anything. I’m a very pragmatic, down-to-earth girl. When you die, that’s it. And yeah – that’s scary. But for me, that’s how it is.

Join the celebration – do you believe in ghosts? Celebrate BG’s book along with us!

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BG’s Book Party! Day 3



And we’re back for another day of celebrating! Fancy looking at BG’s book. Take a look over here.

So, question for November 6th is what is your number one piece of advice for someone wanting to write?

Read, read, read. The more words you take in, well-written words (please don’t read trash) the better your own work will be.

(My second piece of advice would be ‘show don’t tell.’ This means showing through a character’s actions something to do with them, without just telling the reader. For example you could say: ‘I was nervous.’ You’re telling the reader something. How about this? ‘My palms were sweating and my pulse was racing.’ The reader will know that they’re nervous, but without just being told. That’s what writing is about: words.)

And well done again to BG!

(Sorry not to have looked at anyone else’s blogs today – been a down day and only just managed to get the two posts out today. I promised to write every day, and I promised to celebrate BG. However I’m feeling. Hoping tomorrow will be better.)