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Life List

I had a list of things I wanted to before I ‘grew up.’ For a long time, this was just a vague time in the future. Then it became by the time I was 18, then 20 because I decided no longer being a teen would mean being an adult. When my ED really got bad, I let myself have until 25.

Well, here I am. In an hour. I’ll share the list.

  • Publish a novel
  • Go to Oxford
  • Lose my virginity and explore sexuality
  • Read most of The Classics
  • Spend a year travelling and volunteering
  • Go to South America
  • Do a TEFL course
  • Be in a ‘proper’ relationship
  • Get stoned and try something longer
  • Have an article in a magazine
  • Volunteer for GreenPeace
  • Live on my own
  • Have an idea about my career
  • Run a half marathon (or at least a 10K)
  • Have an ‘adult’ relationship with my parents
  • Volunteer locally on a regular basis
  • Swim between St Martins and Tresco
  • Get Grade 8 in piano, viola, and violin
  • Go to a festival
  • Lead the orchestra
  • Become one of ‘the year thirteens’
  • Live in a more minimalistic fashion
  • Apologise properly to Sam

Now, I could into great detail on each of those subjects, but I can also sum the whole list up very easily.

I have never done any of the things on that list.
I can’t believe how ashamed I am of myself



Just a 25 year-old-English-gal trying to make her way through life, with all its ups and downs. I don't necessarily publish anything massively personal because I worry about triggering people big time, but if anyone has questions or memes they'd like me to do, then I'm up for it!

One thought on “Life List

  1. Don’t be ashamed! You have goals and that is what makes you alive. You may do some or all of these things but the planet may take you down a different path to achieve your goals. I think as a person with ED we are too much a perfectionist. Once you have achieved a few of your goals they may change because your values may change. I would love to learn the violin too


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