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National Eating Disorders Week, again

Now, I shall eat my words, or my hat, or whatever 😉

I’ve found two articles in The Huffington Post on Eating Disorders Week.

This one is about how employers can be more helpful to eating disorder suffered, and also the fact that there is illegal discrimination going on. I’m unemployed (not well enough to work) but it’s still an interesting read.

(I swear there was another one on the Huffington Post, but I can’t find it. Slightly feel like I’m going mad.)

Mind had this very perfunctory one.

Beat had a role to play.

The National Eating Disorder Awareness group encourages people to get diagnoses.


So how on earth did I not find these earlier in the week? Was I going back.

I suppose what I am more upset about it is there’s nothing in the regular media – the Guardian, the BBC etc. How else can there be made more awareness?


Anyway, happy leap year day, and girls go out propose! 🙂

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A New Kind of Anorexia Memoir?

I’m always in two minds about ED books. At my worst they have definitely fuelled by ED, particularly ‘Wasted.’
How can we share our stories to help, not hurt people?

Charlotte on the Web

When I sat down to read Kelsey Osgood’s How to Disappear Completely: On Modern Anorexia, I was more than a little excited. I had read a review of the book in the New Yorker and was interested in how Osgood was going to critique the modern anorexia memoir and provide a corrective alternative. I was elated that finally, maybe I could read an anorexia memoir and not be triggered.

Yeah… that wasn’t really how things happened.

There were parts of Osgood’s memoir with which I found myself nodding in agreement. Anorexia memoirs often glamorize and romanticize the disease and have a sort of aesthetic appeal that veers on a perceived fulfillment of a spiritual or cultural ideal (classic memoir that does this = Hornbacher’s Wasted). That is problematic. As Osgood argues, an un-addressed but problematic part of these memoirs is that they are too graphic. They describe…

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NEDA No. 2


So, I have a Home Team Meeting today, which I usually hate, but I’m going to remain calm. I’m not going to make my Mum check more than once that she has measured things right. I’m going to take in the freezing air and look at the beautiful air. I’m not going to stand up for no reason.

That’s what  I’m doing today. It’s not much, but it’s what I’m coping with today. Ooh (not to do with ED), I’ll also visit Daisy who is home!! So happy 🙂


What are all of you girls doing to fight today?

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To be honest, I feel pretty awful about my post yesterday. I didn’t even know that it was NEDA until after I’d posted it, and it was such a negative post to start the day with. I’m shocked by how little media attention it’s given. Maybe there’s more in America, but it hasn’t even been mentioned on the news. It’s pretty awful actually. They need to do more awareness. People understand a bit more than they used to, but there’s still a long way to go.

So, even though I’m not necessarily fecoffee-endingeling all that positive, this week’s post are going to all smiley 🙂

So, today, I’ve just come out from being with CPN. We went into the village (drove, not allowed to walk blah blah) AND I WENT INTO A COFFEE SHOP.

Not only that, BUT I HAD A COFFEE. I know this might not seem a big deal for some people, but it was huge to me. To be honest, the coffee was disgusting (far too bitter for my taste), but what does that matter? We only planned it next week, and I almost pulled out but when I realised it was NEDA, I felt I owed it to everyone out there who is struggling/has struggled.

So, it’s been a hard day, but I achieved something.

What has everyone else done to fight their EDs today? Let’s make today an action week