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First Date

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while – I’ll catch up on all your blogs soon. Had a very… er, crisis ridden week or so. No time (physical or mental) to do anything other than lie in a variety of different beds (varying comfortableness too!)

Anyway, here I am – and I’ll catch up with you all soon.


So, today was the day of my First Date. Last time I was completely stood up, and never heard from back from him. I have moved onto someone else. I may sound like a slut, and I probably am. People can think that about me if they want me.

Truth is: I don’t think I’m going to live that long, so I want to do a little living before I die. So, I met another guy on the internet straight away, and boldly asked to meet up shortly after meeting him. Mr Mediator and a support worker sat in the shop too, and I was upfront about that; saying my Mr Mediator wanted to be there because he was a ‘random’ from the internet.

So, plus side: he turned up!
New Guy: 1
Old Guy: 0


He seemed nice. I knew, like, nothing at all about him before.

Stuff what I know now:
– He went to uni at Plymouth where he was brought up, and did a BA and MA in sound technology
– He works as a chef, which he’s cool with even doing 12 hour shifts
– He lives with his sister (older) and a mate
– He was married at eighteen (!) and divorced at nineteen (!!)
– He’s in a band: lead vocals and guitar
– He used to own a motorbike
– He doesn’t have a car, but really likes cycling
– He’s currently reading ‘The Subtle Knife’ by Philip Pullman
– He likes ska, big band, indie, folk type stuff
– He plays guitar and drums, and stared teaching himself the fiddle three weeks ago
– He writes songs, and is planning to strike out on his own a bit
– He has a pierced eyebrow
– He has arm tattoos
– He’s lots taller than me and has nice sunglasses
– He doesn’t like Costa, and only drinks their ‘most pretentious coffee,’ some specific thing I’d never heard of
– He can do fire stick
– He recommended me a band that I think was called ‘The Cats’ Emporium’ (need to look up)

It was an odd experience. I had too much of my drink (I know how much 200ml goes up to on the latte cups and I had more because it seemed too rude to leave that much, and then I had to restrict for the rest of the day.) I guess it was nice. I think he was nice. What do I have to compare against? But although it was my only ever date, it wasn’t real. No one would ever go out with me for real.

I know he was only in it for the money.

Judge me all you like.



I’ll catch up with you all soon.

Peace out: dbsgirl xx



Just a 25 year-old-English-gal trying to make her way through life, with all its ups and downs. I don't necessarily publish anything massively personal because I worry about triggering people big time, but if anyone has questions or memes they'd like me to do, then I'm up for it!

2 thoughts on “First Date

    1. Um, don’t really wanna be any more explicit than that 😦 I guess you might be able to work it out.

      Basically, I’m dying and there are certain things I want to do before I die. See if you can figure it out? PM me if you like. I can’t just say it out there.


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