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I have a new charger! And June Reading Challenge…

And I can’t believe that it took so long. It took SIX DAYS for apple to get the correct charger to me and, to be honest,  I’m really not impressed. I’m still catching up on all your blogs, but I’m going to have a go at the June Reading Challenge. I so wish that I’d started at the beginning, I feel left out 😦 (my own fault). But thank you so much to gettingthroughanxiety for introducing me to the idea. I adore reading; for me reading and music are ‘safe spaces’ for me usually. Sometimes there’s nowhere safe, but you know what I mean.

I’m not doing the film one because I don’t see enough films, certainly not within a month! They’d all end up being the same! So for the 10th, the topic is …


That makes book and beverage, which is probably the hardest for me, because my ED won’t let me drink anything unless it’s measured and officially on my meal plan (and it just water).

So… I’ll go back in time to when things were different. I used to love reading Alice in Wonderland with a big old cup of steaming tea.


I don’t think this one needs much explaining! Everyone knows Alice in Wonderland. If you’ve only seen the film, you don’t know what you’re missing! Completely eccentric and bizarre prose, extra characters that are missed out. I hate the Johnny Depp film, I haven’t seen the latest, but I do like the Disney one. Everyone likes Disney, right?

So, I’m going to catch up on the other ones because that’s what I like and everything must be perfect, even when I know it’s impossible.

Okay, here we go:

  1. TBR – Have you seen the size of my TBR list? It’s at least 40 books or so… So, I’ll pick one I’m looking forward to. The Sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. The sequel came out last year, I think, and the first book was amazing – why haven’t I got round to the next one yet??
  2. Favourite – Favourite? Favourite? Anyway who reads know you can never pick a favourite book. So, I’ll do my favourite book I’ve read since March (date picked at random)… Hmmm. I’ll go for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, which was fabulous. If you haven’t read it, what are you doing?
  3. Based on a True Story – I haven’t read any so far this year (I think), but I did read Brixham Beach by Roma Tearne, which was almost an autobiography – it certainly had a lot of herself in the novel. It was a hard, and depressing book, although it felt very real. The central character has such a hard life, and her mother, and her whole family. It feels like there’s no hope. Hard book
  4. Gave you the feels The Art of Being Normal by Williamson. It’s a YA book about personal identity, sexuality, and transgender, as well as bullying etc. I think it would be a good book for people to read at a slightly younger age to let them understand better for the future. I cried in this one. (I actually finished it in June, does that still count?)
  5. Book You Read in one Day – This is hard. Is this only meant for books written in May, or whenever? I’m not sure I read a book in a single day in May… Wait, I did! Fleabag and the Ring of Fire by Beth Webb. It’s a children’s book that’s simultaneously great fun (it’s fantasy and includes a three legged flea-ridden cat) but with some very dark moments. Beth Webb is a very unknown writer who deserves more credit for her YA novels in particular. If you’re into YA, check out her website here.
  6. Cover Buy – didn’t read any ‘cover books’ in May, so I’ll have to cheat. How many books can you read in a month?? Actually, I just started Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley set in 1950s America when black children were first let into white schools. It’s fantastic so far – and the cover’s great too!
  7. Short Stories – Well, I read Dart by Alice Oswald, which is a long poem that counts as a short story, really. Does that count?
  8. Book and Beverage – I’ll have to skip this one because I have a real issue with fluids.
  9. Recommendation – I was recommended Transatlantic by by Colum McCann, which I only sort of enjoyed. It was… okay. But I felt it was overwritten and overcomplicated; it could’ve been much better.

Can I do books I haven’t read in the last month next time? This is getting reeeeeaaly hard!

Thanks to gettingthroughanxiety!

dbsgirl x




Just a 25 year-old-English-gal trying to make her way through life, with all its ups and downs. I don't necessarily publish anything massively personal because I worry about triggering people big time, but if anyone has questions or memes they'd like me to do, then I'm up for it!

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