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Happy Halloween

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(My very poorly carved pumpkin)

Hope everyone’s having fun!

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Online sulking

… is a waste of time.



I have been sulking for the last couple of months because no one responded to my last post. I felt lost and empty and I was calling out for help; no one replied to my post. You know what? Tough luck. I don’t pick up on every person’s post; I’m not a big blogger (although that one person who viewed it could’ve said something). No one even noticed I was sulking; I just read others’ and didn’t post. What was the point in that?

So, online sulking is possible. Particularly for a blogger like me that barely posts anyway. So, I apologise to any followers (if there’s anyone left) for acting like a toddler). I’d like to come back and post again. I’ve been writing secret posts and deleting them. I’ve written hundreds of posts in my head. But I think to actually get things out of you head can be very important.

I’m going to try a ‘challenge thing’ for November, but be easy on it. If I miss a day, so what? But I don’t want to books or films or something, I want to do something with meaning. Does anyone have any suggestions? (I’ll try not to sulk if there are no comments on this!)

A quick catch up. How long has it been? I can’t even remember. Pretty tough times. Health isn’t great at the moment, but getting a bit better. I went away (!) for the first time in years with my family for two nights to Lyme Regis. It was… lovely, although that’s so hard to say.

Been pretty dismal for a while, and getting more and more dependent on meds. (Something I’d like to expand on if there’s room with one of the writing prompts – it’s almost as though I need the permission to talk). TERRIBLE couple of family therapy sessions. Ugh. Horrible.

Positives… Read the short list for the Man Booker Prize; didn’t enjoy all of them, but it was an achievement. Might have found a solution for my headaches: reading glasses! (Why did no one think about that before?) Thinking about having some respite from my parents, if it can actually be organised… Our county council is terrible.


Anyway. Long and short: ED is getting worse. Health getting worse. Family stuff getting worse. BUT nice reading. And possibly something to look forward to.

And no more sulking 😛