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Write Every Day: Favourite Picture Books as a Child



Hello! Feeling very nervous today, but I don’t know why. You’d think I’d never written before but I actually I’ve written three novels and one is being published by the new year fingers crossed(by a publisher, not self selfpublished). I’m written since I know what writing is. I can remember what on my first day of school, I got upset because the words I was using (‘therefore’) just wouldn’t fit one line. My Teacher (Mrs ‘P’ – that was what she told us to her call her; I think her surname was pretty complicated) taught me about using an en dash to go onto the next line. I was reading at 3, chapter books at 4-5, and always writing.

I  write every day anyway, or at least do some editing. But I want a journal. I want somewhere I can talk about my feelings, and I can’t do it. This is what I want this to be.

close up of typewriter vintage retro styled

I also want to write about politics and current affairs and book reviews, but. I’ve never mixed the too. I’m so nervous doing this. I kept an every-day-diary for three years, and then another six with a bit of a gap. I should be okay, at the very least!

But I just don’t know what to say. I’m hoping this challenge will cure me of it. Obviously, it’s not the natural flow that I want, but if I just GET WRITING, that’ a start.

(After talking my writing experiences, I’ve just written a terribly waffling entry that could be edited down an awful lot. But I’ve decided to silence my inner-critic for the time-being. I guess most of you writers will know what I’m talking about 😛 )

So, it seems apt favourite books as a child. God, how to pick? I’ll go for three, and choose them in ascending age order (little baby book, small chapter book, proper chapter book)

Baby Picture Book. There are so many! But it’s gotta be:


My dad read it to us so well, like an actor, making use of all the onomatopoeia (swish, swish, swish) and we joined in because we knew it so well. I love it still. (So what? It’s my inner child, okay?

Short Chapter Book. This is getting harder. I’m gonna choose two. (because I’m cheating!)


What (young) reader doesn’t love this? Of course, I liked Lucy best as well as Mr Timnus. The films were okay, but not a patch on the books of course. I guess I was about 5 when I read this, though I’d read it had to myself numerous times before that.


I wanted to be Lucy in this book (maybe I just wanted to be called be Lucy?), and I enrolled RYA sailing courses purely because of this book. Of the whole series, my favourite is probably ‘We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea’ but I was bit older until I read it on my own. I think I was about 6 for this, but again I’d had it read it to me before.


Bigger Children’s (?) Book. Gotta be this one. Arguable if it’s for children really.


What reader doesn’t love these books? I had these first read to me when I was four by my dad, but the questions as to how much I understood remains a mystery. I remember enjoying it, so I must’ve understood some of it! I read if for the first time myself when I was about nine, and an innumerable number of times this since. And, luckily, this is one of those books where the films are also awesome. Who’s with me? There’s so much packed into these books. I could talk for hours! But this is starting me writing; I I write loads, then I won’t write anything because it won’t be as much as this… My mind is very screwed up (officially!) and complicated.

Anyway, a little bit about me.

Please leave comments! What were you favourite kid’s books? There are some many more: The Naughtiest Girl, Roald Dahl, Shirley Hughes, Dick King Smith, Heidi, Dr Doolittle, Jacqueline Wilson, Beth Webb…. I’ll stop there.

What were/are your favourite children’s books? Please answer in the comments below!




Just a 25 year-old-English-gal trying to make her way through life, with all its ups and downs. I don't necessarily publish anything massively personal because I worry about triggering people big time, but if anyone has questions or memes they'd like me to do, then I'm up for it!

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    1. I don’t know Cam Jansen’s mystery stories – is that the author or the protagonist? A Series of Unfortunate Events… have to admit I never really got into it. Sorry! I read the first couple and found them a bit samey.

      If we’re going on to books I read 10+… wow. Could never choose. Although HP would rank high up the list!

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