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‘Silence is Goldfish’ a book review, and triggers from surprising places



D’you know what the most exciting thing about this book is? It comes out on general release today┬áso everyone can read it!

I’d read ‘Ketchup Clouds’ a few years ago, and kept intending to read ‘My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece’ but other books shoved their way in and Annabel Pitcher was pushed to one side. When I saw this on NetGalley, I was desperate to get a copy.

It certainly hasn’t been a disappointment. Tessie-T, our central protagonist, compares herself to Pluto. She’s not there at the centre, partying like Mercury and Venus, she’s miles away in her own orbit, observing from afar. She used to think it was okay until her dad, Jack, wanted her to try and be more involved with life, make friends, be excited and spontaneous.

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